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About Provo for Provo, Utah and Area

When you want to know Provo, Utah

Overview of Provo, Utah, United States

The city of Provo is a largely visited city which is found in the Salt Lake City metro area. Provo is the third largest city in the state of Utah. Provo offers a great amount of sights and attractions to tourists, and a modern business attitude for the general public. Luxurious resorts and getaways are offered in the heart of the city as well as tucked away in the surrounding mountains. The demographics of the city show a majority of diversity, both ethnically and religiously throughout the city, although 98% of the religious population are members of The Church of Latter Day Saints.

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  • Population: 105 166
  • Population Density: 2 653.2/mi²
  • Area: 41.8/mi²
  • Latitude: 40°14?40?N
  • Longitude: 111°39?39?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 4 549
  • Time Zone: Central Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Provo, Utah

The city of Provo was originally named Fort Utah by the Salt Lake City born Mormon families. Over the years the city has grown from a 33 family Mormon town, to the third largest city in the state of Utah today. The city was called Provo in the early 1850's when a man by the name of Etienne Provo, a French Canadian Trapper who landed in the area 25 years earlier.

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Provo's Demographics

The city of Provo is a highly diverse community with settlers from all over the world. The most predominantly visible races living within the city are Caucasian, African American, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Hispanic. The city's average age is 23 years. The average income of a male in Provo is $32 010 where a females average annual income is $20 928. There is a very high percentage of Mormon's living in the city of Provo with 88% of the population and 98% of the religious population are from the church of LDS.

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Provo's Climate

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Education in Provo, Utah

The city of Provo is a large community which is very concentrated on the education system that it harbours. In the community of Provo there are over 12 elementary schools, and five high schools. The city is also very fond of their great post-secondary learning facility the Bingham Young University. They are also very lucky to have the Provo College, as well as the Utah Valley State College. All of which are public schools for students who meet the set grades and criteria set by the headmaster or Dean of the school and committee.

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Transportation around Provo, Utah

Transportation around Provo has been made easy by the numerous interstates which run through, in, and around the city which connects Provo to other cities and other states. The city is also home to Amtrak which offers charted rails by California Zephyr between Chicago, Illinois and Emeryville, California on a daily basis. Provo is also accessible by Greyhound chartered bus routes, and train system. When going from destination to destination within the city limits the Utah Transit Authority supplies public bus routes that take passengers around the city and charge only a small fee.

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Tourism and Attractions of Provo

The city of Provo, Utah has a great atmosphere for adventure, refuge, and entertainment for tourists, and visitors. The city has a great line up of events, and attractions to look forward to when visiting. Some of the most popular sights and venues are The Bingham Young University, Sundance Resort, Thanksgiving Pointe, Provo River, Mt. Timpanogos and Trimp Cave, Alpine Loop scenic byway, Bridal Veil-Falls, and the Utah Lake State Park. Accommodations are also a great enterprise in Provo offering five star resorts and hotels!

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Surrounding Communities

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  • Payson
  • Salem
  • Santaquin
  • Spanish Fork
  • Springville

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Geography of Provo, Utah

The city of Provo can be found in the Utah Valley, with a land mass of 41.8 miles squared, 5.1% of which is covered by water. Although the city is found in the Utah valley it is towered over by one of the highest peaks on the Wasatch Range, Y Mountain. The Y Mountain has come to gain it's name from the large “Y” that was painted on the mid-section of the mountain to represent Bingham Young University. The scenery and surrounding geography allows for beautiful sigh seeing, animal watching, skiing, hiking and snowboarding. The city also experiences visits from deer, cougars, and moose occasionally, as they still wonder the mountain.

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Provo's Government

The city of Provo is on a Mayor-councilor government system which has been working well for them for the past years. There is one mayor and seven councilors in Provo's government system. The city is divided into seven segments, Northwest, Northeast, South, West Central, Central, City-Wide I, and City-Wide II. Each of the different segments has a councilor to represent them. Each councilor is voted in and stays in office for a minimum of four years. The city of Provo holds municipal meetings every two weeks and encourages the community to sit in on these meetings.

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Provo's Economy and Industry

The city of Provo is a very prosperous land mass which offers a large amount of jobs, and income from the community. The city grows economically, roughly 5% annually. The city has a thriving atmosphere which allows for new companies to find their place in Provo. The city also contributes to the economy with the richness of their soil, and produces the great agriculture they have today. Some of the major contributions to the economy are cattle, hay, and dairy products.

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Provo's Culture and Significant Events

The city of Provo, Utah offers some of the most visited events in the state. The community tries to organize as many events as possible that will get the whole family involved and having fun! Some of the most visited and significant events in Provo are the Christmas Gift Gallery, Pirates of Penzance, Red Badge of Courage play, Utah Salsa Dance, Annual Desert Baking Tournament, Annual “Dart the turkey” event, Moonlight Madness, and the Provo Pride Parade. Many of the events in Provo take place during the summer months, and/or cater to the holidays throughout the year.

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Sports in Provo, Utah

The city of Provo, Utah is not currently home to any major city sports teams. The city is very interested and excited about the various teams which compete out of the Bingham Young University, such as soccer, baseball, hockey, football, and polo. Both the Bingham Young University and the Utah State College produce great athletes every year which contribute to the hype of the fans throughout the seasons.

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Media of Provo

The city of Provo is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and does share a large amount of their media with the Salt Lake proper area. Provo does in fact have their own string of media sources including newspaper, radio, and television stations.

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